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About our school

Ringrose Public School

Ringrose Public School provides excellent learning programs that cater for the needs and talents of your child. Our teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy develop confident, articulate and successful students.

We have small classes taught by highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Our smaller class sizes allow teachers to devote more individual time and attention to students and give students greater access to resources.

We are well resourced and provide students access to the latest technologies. Each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards which are an integral part of day to day lessons.

Our school's wellbeing and discipline programs develop caring, confident and respectful students. We have long term strategies to enhance student individual and social responsibility.

Our school is welcoming and friendly and we work in close partnership with parents. We encourage parents to be active participants in school activities and we value their input into their child's education.

The community that is Ringrose Public School works together to maintain a positive, respectful environment where a wide range of comprehensive educational experiences cater for the needs of each and every student attending the school.